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Solo traveling is picking up pace and thus becoming very common today. People desire to roam the globe alone and make experiences that are unique and worth remembering. People travel solo to understand life and experiences from their perspective and their perspective alone. Therefore, this article is going to be highly useful if you’re a passenger who loves to book cheap flights and travel the world on your own. Hence, we are going to guide one on which destinations to visit if you’re into solo traveling.


Also, as we are much aware, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. The experiences it offers are unique and very thrilling for solo travelers. Thus, if one is traveling solo then they can always go to Banff National Park or even spend a nice evening alone around Montreal!

The healthcare system here is great and the crime rates are also very low. Thus, if one does decide to solo travel to Canada – we can assure you it’s one of the safest spots for people to come and experience this destination alone.


Thus, this island country is highly captivating. It offers one to visit beautiful temples, advanced and progressive cities, and the pop culture! Thus, if you’re traveling solo – no better place than Tokyo. Japan is a favorite destination for most solo travelers as it has top-notch healthcare system, it is extremely clean and organized and finally it’s a peaceful place with very low crime rate.


This is a very affordable city and one can indulge in the beaches, rainforest hikes or try the world-famous cuisine. Vietnam has a spark of surprise and is best for solo travelers – especially those who decide to travel with a budget. Thus, solo travelers can find solace here and enjoy with the locals and the remarkable atmosphere!


If a solo traveler wants to delve in culture and beauty then Austria is the perfect destination to travel alone. One can visit Salzburg and see the very birthplace of the talented Mozart. A solo traveler can also go to Vienna – where thousands of classical composers made a mark. One can also explore the museums, palaces, and cathedrals.

This is a perfect destination for solo travelers as the area is peaceful and extremely safe!


If you’re a first-time solo traveler, then Spain maybe your best destination as it is extremely safe and has an efficient health care system. Also, Spain is a multicultural destination that provides for art, music, architecture and great food! The people in Spain are extremely warm and welcoming and hence if you’re traveling solo you may get to make many new friends here!

Travel the World | Solo

Thus, if you’re willing to travel the world solo, then above are some of the best destinations one can try. If you’re looking for cheap airline deals and best-discounted fares then you can always approach iBookAir. This is a travel forum that allows one to travel economically. Have a great journey and create many memories on your solo trip!


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