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Holidaying is a must, in fact, more importantly, a compulsion. There is no explanation as to why one should travel at least once a year, or if be lucky even twice a year! And one will be even luckier if their work requires them to travel almost every month! Yes, now who wouldn’t envy that life. However, travel is not always easy – one may come across emergencies which would require them to make changes in their travel plan. This means changes in the tickets and incurring more cost. We are going to exemplify the various changes travellers make and how they go about it.

Changing Dates

Imagine a hypothetical situation. An elder son going to visit his old mother, the date is fixed and the flight is booked. However, there is sudden news that his mother just suffered from a heart attack. We all know that the first thing to do would be that the son cancels his ticket and take an earlier flight. This demands changes in the date, and there is a full procedure to go about it.

No airline will hold a grudge in terms of changing the date of travel.  In fact, airlines may consider those days as their happy days since the passenger will have to pay extra when they cancel their tickets and book another one. To be precise, the fee charged by airlines is $200 for a domestic flight and $300 for an international one. Apart from the above, there may be some extra charges that can be applied. This will also apply to people who desire a destination change and a new ticket.

One should, however, keep in mind that changing dates for some airlines is not an easy process, and hence there are some passengers who would prefer not to involve themselves in this complicated scenario.

Thus, changing the dates of travel is a very popular episode, and many people take part in it. However, as mentioned – if the process can wick your brains out, then people would rather not and prefer to swim in simplicity!

Other Changes – Personal Information and Name

Apart from just changing the date, one can also make changes in the name and other personal information that they would like to. The cost differs from airline to airline, and the time span after purchasing the ticket also makes a difference.

The process is quite simple. If the name is misspelt, then the particular airline can correct it after taking a look at the person’s identification card. However, if the person himself is not travelling then the ticket needs to be cancelled and a new ticket should be purchased.

Changing the Time of the Flight

We come across many people who require a change in the time of the departure of the flight. This is a very common scenario, and in case one is looking to address this issue then they can call ibookair at – 1-888-898-0053 We assure one that this issue will be very well addressed and required help will be provided.

Change in the Destination and Route

One may suddenly decide to change their final destination or the route that their flight takes. In such scenarios there is obviously a certain fee and charge; however, things can be made possible in no time! We provide one with what they desire and a journey worth remembering.

Pet Policy

Vacation is not fulfilling without a pet. Many people desire to spend their vacation with the entire family, and this includes their domestic cats, dogs or even birds. If certain inquiry needs to be made, one can call Airline Helpline. The charges will be in accordance with the issue.

Questions Regarding Handicapped People

Every flight has a policy for disabled people, and they make sure that these people are treated well and have a comfortable journey. If one desires to gain more knowledge about disabled policy one can simply call us on 1-833-430-6398.


Hence, let’s make your travel fun and easy. If there be a need for any changes in the ticket – in terms of date, name, personal information, and certain other policies – remember there’s always a charge. However, if you’re having a lucky day, the respective airline may not charge for certain changes.

We hope you have a safe and comfortable flight and are able to enjoy the destination you have chosen to visit!

For any form of query or questions do call ibookair at – 1-888-898-0053

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