Come Hither to Travel in Luxury and Style, Make Your Journey Worthwhile!

We all know how important the concept of travel is and how one upholds the need to explore and experience new destinations as an ulterior motive of their lives. “ If I don’t travel, I feel lost. I feel like a machine that has no motive in life but to work and earn money. I want something different, I want something new. I want to travel with luxury and style This is where we at ibookair come to the rescue. 

Yes, there are various ways by which one can travel – however, we want to inform those who want to indulge in luxury and don’t care much about the money. “ My idea of a holiday is to travel by Business Class and no other. For me, holidays are about splurging and splurging and splurging”. 

We are going to lay down information on Business Classes of the flights ibookair deals with. If one wants to remember a holiday and capture the memories to showcase to their children and grandchildren, ibookair is the place to be!

“ Which flights would you recommend for Business Class. I don’t care about how much the ticket costs”

Emirates Airline

Nothing can spell luxury better than Emirates. In fact, this airline has been noted as the World’s Best Airline of 2016. If one opts for the Business Class, they will experience luxury and style at a totally different level. 

The experience of the Business Class starts even before one sits on the flight. They offer one complimentary car transfer service which is available at any point of time required. If one is hungry, have no fear, they will be served a nice meal of breakfast even before they board the plane! Who said Business Class is not unique and spectacular? “ I love the Business Class at Emirates, in fact, I’m going to travel by it every time from now on!”

The Emirates Business Class is found on the upper cabin of their Airbus A380. The cabin is extremely comfortable and totally worth the price! If one wants more information on the seat layout, then they are staged as 1-2-1. (contact to know more)

Business-class is for people who desire their own privacy during the flight. In fact, these seats can be turned into beds. All one needs now is an eye pad to avoid the sunshine and sleep silently. 

Urgent information – Not all beds are equal, and thus if you’re tall we request you to opt for A, E, F and K seats. They are longer than the other, helping one to experience comfort and luxury

Apart from just having the best seats available, one can also take advantage of the minibar and relax with a glass of martini. “ I like my journey with a glass of martini. Emirates is totally worth it”. The food option will make one’s taste buds happy with joy and one will experience food that is heavenly. (they serve meals and combinations that will leave you flabbergasted) 

Qatar Airlines QSuite

“Travelling my QSuite has been one of the best experiences in my life. It was so comforting and I didn’t even realise when the time went by”. Yes, Qatar Airlines has one of the best Business Classes. They may be expensive, but if you’re willing to splurge, then absolutely nothing like it! Contact ibookair now!

As far as the seats go, they more commonly referred to as a “suite”. It has a sliding door which allows one privacy and time to themselves. One will be astonished to find how the seats are set up. “ when I entered the Business Class, I saw that on the sides are solo seats, while in the very centre are seats that could be converted in double beds or even meeting rooms!”

Personal experiences from people have pretty much applauded Qatar Airlines for their friendly cabin crew and the friendly nature of the people serving. In terms of the food – “ I loved the food, it was delicious. The good part is that it could be served whenever I wanted. There was no particular time. Yes, travelling by Qatar Business Class meant having the time of your life” The food would range from Asian style shrimp and rice bowls to Middle Eastern breakfast!

If one had any complaints regarding the Business Class at Qatar Airlines, then there would be only one. “ The connection in Doha may be the only place where Qatar Airlines are missing out! Doha airport can feel pretty much like a zoo and even the Business Class was packed”

Even though Doha may happen, it isn’t that bad that it would end up ruining one’s experience on the Qatar QSuite! 

If one wants to book the Qatar QSuite then call now – 1-888-898-0053

Singapore Airlines Business Class

At ibookair we recommend those willing to splurge to experience the Business Class at Singapore Airlines. “ What a journey! I just can’t put into words how nice the plane ride was! I’m absolutely in love with the Business Class at Singapore airlines

At ibookair we promise that one’s journey in the Business Class will not be an unsatisfactory one. As far as the seats go, they are highly spacious, allows one privacy, and the best part – they can turn into a flatbed, an office, or even a restaurant. What more can one ask for!? “ The experience cannot be matched up to any other airline!”

As far as the meal goes, Singapore Airlines go out of their way to prepare food that is not only tasty but has flavour. In this very Business Class flight, the chefs are asked to create food under pressure ( this is because cabin pressure is responsible for the way food tastes! Flavours become mild and the food is not as tasty) Thus, the dishes are bought under a simulated pressure cabin so that the food can taste as delicious as otherwise!

This Business Class apart from providing comfortable seats and awesome food, also makes sure one is never bored. “When I joined hands with and opted for the Business Class at Singapore Airlines, I knew I was making a deal with god. I watched several movies, TV programmes, listened to music. Everything was given to me on a plate”

Come fly Business only with!The above are not the only flights one can book at ibookair. There are others like United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Ethihad and the list goes on (visit for more information). At ibookair, we will hold your hand and guide one to luxury. With us – one will experience travel with style and will face absolutely no disappointment. Come be a part of the Business Classes, and fly with luxury!

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