Five Best Places to Visit in America Which will Lead to Temptation and Satisfyingly Delicious Food!

As soon as someone new to America steps down from the plane they hear American habitants saying “ where should we go for food”, “oh man I’m so hungry, let’s go eat”, or “ Oh, I missed the variety of food in America” Yes, there is absolutely no denying that as one lands in America the three most important things they hold to their heart is food, food, and food! (that’s why many American people are comparatively hefty) America is known all over not only for their deeply fried food but also spicy and other delicacies which have a unique taste to them. Below are the must places to visit and try delicious food in America. Keep your mouth from watering, it’s going to be hard to resist.

Yume Wo Katare – Cambridge

Cambridge is known not only for students who study here but also for the delicious reasonable experience in food. Yume Wo Katare basically implies Talk about your dreams. The food here is meant to fulfill all your fantasies about delicious food and the unique taste will definitely take your breath away. A bowl of ramen is extremely popular here! ( it’s reasonable and can be a little spicy). Many have had such brilliant experiences here, that they chose to take a piece of paper and write good reviews about Yume Wo Katare. These testimonials may be found hanging on the walls! So looking for a delicious bowl of ramen ( very reasonably priced ) then come knocking on our door, and we’d be pleased to have you!

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Pat’s King of Steaks – Philadelphia

Craving for a yummy cheesesteak? It’s three at night and the craving cannot be subsided? You’re at the right place – Pat’s King of Steaks. This place has the best and most tasty stakes that cannot be matched by any other. The excellent news is that apart from being highly satisfying, this place is opened 24 hours, and does not refuse even one hungry person a memorable cheesesteak! If one wants to eat, dress and taste authentic – Pat’s King of steaks is the answer! Their competitor Geno is right across the street. Try both to figure who you’d like more. Most go for the cheesesteak at Pat’s!

Ben’s Chili Bowl – Washington, DC

The ambiance and surrounding of this area is one that cannot be forgotten. Apart from the taste of food and yummy hot –dogs, one will also keep in mind the way this place is structured. Ben’s Chili is always crowded, and people are waiting to try out their yummy hot dogs! The food provides a satisfaction level that many are still trying to reach. Yes, the unique chili here will make you feel like you’re in heaven! We suggest you give the chili on a hot dog and cold soda a try! 

PS – The chili here will make you forget any other kind of chili. Once, you taste their chili you’ll know where to eat the next time! (obviously Ben’s Chili Bowl)

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Katz’s Deli – New York

This place is a one-stop experience in food for everybody and anybody in New York. If you’re never tried the pastrami sandwiches, then you haven’t lived in New York. Yes, this place is always crowded with people craving the yummy pastrami sandwiches and other things like hot dogs, corned beef and matzo bali soup! The food is such that it can help make one’s dark day bright and sunny. The interesting part is that their food never gets boring, and thus, if one is in New York – they haven’t really lived there if they haven’t visit Katz’s Deli.

Ganesh Temple Canteen – New York

This place is not only for religious people but opened for everyone to experience the yummy Indian food in America. If one is keen to try dosa’s and spicy vegetables, then this is the place to be! Named Ganesh temple – it is due to the ambiance being decorated with statues of  Ganesh all over. The food here is vegetarian and the taste of chutneys are unmatched by any other Indian restaurant in New York. The Ganesh Temple Canteen calls out to people from all strata of the society, and if one would want to try their best delicacy then go for – the masala dosa!

So where should I eat today?

Above are only a few places to eat in America. America has many other hot spots where one can indulge in cheap reasonable food that will leave one mesmerized and their tongue wanting more! In America for the weekend? – come dine with us, and tell us your experience!(if one wants to travel to America visit  ibookair for call only deals)

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