“I want to travel cheap. Can you please tell me the best days to book cheap flights?”

There is always one question that is pondering over people’s mind – “Why is travelling so expensive? Are there certain days or ways by which I can travel cheap?” We understand the relevance of your question and hence we are going to provide you with some good news. Yes, you can start smiling now!

Be it a business emergency or a sudden need to rush to another city – one can always try to travel cheap. Since cheap travel is such a priority for people, we are going to lay down ways by which you can attain and visit heaven only for a little and a discounted cost on the airline.

  1. Book your flight on Tuesdays. Don’t you wish every day was a Tuesday?

First thing first, who said weekdays were always a bad time of the week? If you’re planning to book a flight then make sure it’s on Tuesdays! Why – Because this is a competitive world, and thus a victory for us passengers! In short, a lot of airlines indulge in sales week on Tuesdays. This is done to compete with other flights. Hence, on Tuesdays alone, one will be able to face best and discounted deals. What are you waiting for (oh Tuesday!) that makes sense.

  1. Keep in mind certain important things while booking a flight ( don’t worry, these are easy to remember)

We all have been in a situation when there has been a sudden urgency or a sudden need to vacate our normal premises and go to a new place. In such cases, one should realize that timing plays a highly important role. Yes, booking your tickets the last minute – “sir the tickets will be double the amount since you’re booking this late”Hence, one needs to keep a track of how early and late is one booking their flight. 

One suggestion – if you are trying to visit a place at the peak time, then try booking your flights two months in advance, to get a reasonable fare (decide now, decide fast, before the ticket prices peak as well)

  1. Compare tickets of different airlines (this is a mustdo!)

We understand that every single person has their own airline which they are comfortable with, and which they can trust and hold importance to. However, if you’re looking to fly cheap then certain changes will have to be made!

One cannot always travel by airline they love so much. One should compare tickets and prices of different airlines, and then choose the one which is most reasonable (Yes, travel can be picky and it may not allow you to travel with the flight you love) However, these adjustments are only for your good, and only make your travel cheap and economical!

  1. For cheap travel pick a connecting flight and not a direct one!

If you’re on a business trip and the urgency to reach a particular destination is a top priority – then you have no choice but to fly with a direct flight (this will amount to a high price). However, if one can take it easy and does not mind undergoing a stop-over, or going through a connecting flight – then don’t wait! Buy tickets now! 

Connecting flights, though take much longer to reach the destination, they are way cheaper than the direct flights. So, if you can make your trip cheaper by a massive amount – choose the connecting!

  1. The best time to buy your airfare 

There are certain days that one should keep a lookout for in case they are in dire need for a cheap way to travel. 

One being Black Friday – This is the day after thanksgiving. The tickets are considered cheap because of the special offers and deals around this time of the year!

Cyber Monday – This is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Even at this particular time one will come across some cheap deals and discounted flights.

Boxing Day – This day is mainly celebrated in the UK. This is a time when airlines announce their big offers and deals which help and aid one to travel cheap

Small business Saturday – This is the Saturday after thanksgiving. While all the big airlines hold their special offers on Black Friday, the smaller ones stay in touch with Saturday and lay their best deals then. Thus, one should keep a watch out for the Saturday after Black Friday.

At the end of it all – we hope one is enthused and excited about the idea of being able to travel cheap as compared to paying a much larger amount for their vacation/ formal trip/ urgency. 
We hope that by reading this very piece, we have informed our audience the best time to book their flight and the various other options out there. Travel cheap and at discounted rates. We hope you have a good journey (don’t forget to fasten your seat belts!)

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