Lavish and Delectable Indian Restaurants in London


London, as we all are aware, is the capital of the United Kingdom. Thus, apart from being just the capital, this city has always been successful in captivating people from all walks of life due to its vast culture, and the delicious food! Many Indians who decide to settle in London desire to keep their tradition alive through their spices and small food places that are much admired and looked upon. Thus, if you’ve booked your cheap flight to London and are willing to try out some Indian Spices – This article is the best thing you have chanced upon as we will mention to you the various Indian restaurants to pay a visit to in London!

Cinnamon Club

Hence, this restaurant hides in a former library in Westminster. If one is craving for the Indian spices then Cinnamon Club is the best place to visit. One can relish here grilled fish with wine and not only this, one can avail various combinations at Cinnamon Club. If you’re thinking of experimenting with cocktails, then you’re at the right place. One can sip here – CinnamonBellini. The variety is such that whenever you visit this lavish restaurant – Also, you have something new to taste! Thus, come be a part of the Indian cuisine at Cinnamon Club.


Thus, if you’re enthused with the idea of trying out Mumbai’s famous Irani café;s then Dishoom Shoreditch is the right and the very apt place to be. The décor is old style and pretty much pays a resemblance to the Irani Café. The dishes and spices will take one the Mumbai. Here one will get a taste of eggs kejriwal, bun maska and also the delicious samosas! So, want to experience Mumbai in London? Come pay a visit to Dishoom Shoreditch

Amaya Grill and Bar

Nonetheless, If one wants the authentic taste of India – this is a must-visit! The very thrilling part of this place is that the menu is never stagnant, and it keeps changing all the time! However, Amaya does have it’s favourite and star dishes. This mainly being the Char-Grilled Aubergine for the vegetarians and Raan Mussalam amongst those who eat meat!

Chutney Mary

Therefore, this restaurant started in the 1990’s and it has definitely transformed a lot since then and it’s considered one of the best Indian restaurants in London!. The ambience is eclectic, the bar is stylish and the service as warm and friendly. Here one will be exposed to a variety of Indian food – from street food to lavish dishes. The recipes and fresh, Indian and unmatched! One can also enjoy a glass of wine with their meals.

Indian Restaurants in London

Benares Restaurant

This restaurant is a combination of Indian and British flavors. Hence, this dining area is situated in the heart of the city and one can dine with their family and loved ones here. The dishes have names that are fancy and exquisite. The best and signature dishes here are – Jal Tarang and Bhangra Koliwada.

Fly to London and Experience the best Indian Cuisine

Hence, what are you waiting for? If you want a pinch of the spices – then the above are the best Indian restaurants to visit. If one is looking for reasonable fares to fly to London, they can approach iBookair. This platform provides the best flight deals available. We hope you enjoy the Indian culture in your food and your taste buds are satisfied!


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