Let’s Stay Cool This Vacation: Despite the Heat 


It’s that time of the Vacation year when you want to make the most of the summer vacations and hit the tourist spots with all your might. You’ll be busy going to beaches and getting a tan or visiting the exotic small old towns hidden away, known for their special whiskey or Ale. To use this time for bonding with friends and to use up that bit of cash you have saved up for travel this year.

It’s all very exciting but how much do we prepare before heading towards places that will be scorching but then if we don’t go there now then when! If you’re not one to enjoy getting baked then you are at the right place and the right time to be reading this. Your timing couldn’t have been better!

That’s why I’ve laid down some precautionary measures for you which you could keep in mind while hitting the daily sunshine and heatwaves wherever you go but still have an awesome vacation without melting away into sadness over the weather. I urge you to go along your plans yet to keep a few simple things in mind that will save you from being dehydrated and burnt. 

Be a smart traveler for Vacation

Agreed you may be on a budget and moving around in a taxi isn’t ideal especially when you are traveling alone it could easily drain on your pocket and make the holiday cash disappear in no time. Fortunately, public transport like metros and buses in Europe and the U.S. are air-conditioned.

I would say call ahead and check with the hotels where you’ll be staying at too whether there air conditioning is working properly as during the tourists season the rooms are in high demand and the hotels could be fully loaded with other tourists. A swimming pool in the hotel or hostel could definitely be a great advantage.

If for you being in the AC all the time doesn’t sound like too much fun, during the hottest time of the day you could spend some time soaking in the pool and getting cooled off too. On Vacation, if you wish to sleep with the window open instead of the AC too you could hang a wet towel in front of an open window which will help reduce the temperature of your room naturally! (Hopefully, the window of the room is one that opens and if not then don’t fret!) Quite a cool trick though right? Try it!

You snooze you Melt!

Of course, you will want to be out and about in the day. I mean not all days are for hitting the night clubs. You would like to do some sight-seeing and maybe go on a hike or two. Also during the tourist season, we could find huge queues outside the museums and places worth seeing. Like hoards of people!! Yikes! Then what? Well, you got to wake up and make the most of it so that you’re able to do at least some part of your day’s activities before noon. I would say take a break after that and get yourself a refreshing and rejuvenating meal somewhere.

After all, by walking all morning towards the middle of the afternoon you’re probably already a bit spent. Why not enjoy a good meal and head back to the hotel for a relaxed. Afternoon with a dip in the pool or a siesta. whatever you prefer. Fortunately the sunsets at about 9 pm in the European summer. So even if you head out again at 6 pm you have plenty of time. You can go to do some more sight-seeing and fortunately, it will not be so hot this time!

Gelato time! (yummy!)

The Gelato is probably one of God’s better creations or may we say the Italians! Make the most of it with having one or two daily. Try the different flavors and also the sorbets if you’re not much into the milky ice-creams. Hydrate with fresh juices of the local fruits. Orange juice will give you a boost of vitamin c and watermelon will keep you hydrated. It’s a great detox on the move. All the fruits and juices are great for you but above all don’t forget to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Drink plenty of it through the day!

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body and adhere to what it tells you. In case you happen to feel too much fatigue and dehydration. It’s a sign that you need to take it easy, maybe rest out the remainder of the day. Hydrate a bit extra and say no to that extra cup of caffeine or alcohol. You could also get some electrolytes from the chemist as that could be drained from the body.


But essentially rest should be able to bring you back to your toes springing. While you’re at it also get some ice packs or cucumber face packs for fun. Cool your eyes and face, soak in the pool or tub again with refreshingly cold water and smile away knowing that you’ve mastered the art of remaining fresh as a breeze is perfect for Vacation!

Want to tell us about how to stay cool this summer? Tell us in the comments below! In case you want to book cheap flights contact ibookair at 1-888-898-0053


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