Miami – the Beaches You will Love

When traveling in the U.S. Miami is a topmost destination in America worth a visit. With a vibrant city life and tons of beaches to offer, no traveler will leave disappointed from Miami. Whatever may be your preference, you’ll find a beach in Miami that you will love. Whether you go with family or wish to indulge in surfing or even wish for some alone time, you can do in this city. Below are a few of the can’t-miss beaches in this southern city of the U.S. that will make you want to book your flights today. Find cheap flights to Miami today on

Lummus Park Beach:  one of the most popular beaches in Miami. This unique beach studded with the vivacious Southerners of Florida makes quite a pretty picture for anybody. The free atmosphere is evident, as topless sunbathers can be found here on any given day. Many great restaurants are scattered along Ocean Drive within walking distance along with the sidewalk cafes and stores. With clear turquoise water and tall beautiful palm trees, Lummus is definitely recommended for any tourist!

Haulover Beach: If surfing is your thing don’t miss out on Haulover as it has earned itself the reputation for a top beach for surfing in Southern Florida and it never disappoints. Haulover Beach is a clothing-optional beach and at the same time, you can visit with family too. There are lifeguards on duty, covered picnic and leisure areas, and food vendors selling all kinds of delicious goodies if you wish to satiate the taste buds.

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Hollywood Beach: For a full beach experience, head north toward Fort Lauderdale for Hollywood Beach. Here one will see some of the classic beach happenings taking place up and down the beach, like volleyball and Frisbee. Hollywood Beach features an oceanfront promenade that stretches nearly two and a half miles along the sandy beach. Take a break from the sand and enjoy walking here.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach: Matheson Hammock Park Beach is much more a family beach. The manmade pool, consisting of very calm water makes it the best place to relax. Matheson Hammock Park Beach is a nice retreat if you wish to rejuvenate and have some quiet time. Head for dinner to Red Fish Grill located at the water’s edge inside the park’s original beach pavilion and you will return home with the fondest of memories. 

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Book your flights today for Miami with Virginia Key: Drive to Virginia Key that’s located outside of Miami and make the most of it with a beach day that’s fun, relaxing and decidedly more quiet than most. These heavenly stretches of sand promise a laid-back ambiance and pristine beaches. The solitude you’ll find here is unlike few other beaches you will find in Southern Florida. You can enjoy the bicycle trails here along with soaking in the picturesque views! 

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