New York: The city of Dreams and Hub of Talented Artists


We’ve all heard how New York is the city of dreams, and where people rush to in order to make their dreams come true. Be it singers, artists, chefs or any other creative traits that one aspires to fulfil. So, you’re planning a vacation in New York? Want to know the cheap flights to this city?  The best time to go there? The hotels to stay in? Look no further, we are going to lay down all the important details below:

What is the best time to visit New York City?

We at ibookair provide many deals and discounts for those travelling to New York. Before one books their flight and decides on taking an adventure road to this city, let us delve into what is the right time to book your tickets!

New york with ibookair

“ I feel the best time to visit this dream city is either from April to June, or Septemeber to November. This is the time when the weather is pleasant and the city is not very crowded”

If one is looking for the cheapest time to visit this city, then pack your bags at the beginning of the year – especially on the weekends.

What are the places to see?

“I was astounded by the monuments, the food, culture, art and so much more. My trip was a rather memorable one”

Central Park –  This park is mesmerizing. In fact, apart from just the park one can see many attractions close to this park. However, if one is visiting the Central park make sure to devote your time only to the park! The space is huge and many New Yorkers and tourists come here to exercise, eat good food, go to the zoo and do many more things!

There are many things to do and see here, some being  looking at the pond and gapstow bridge, visiting the zoo, the dairy, chess and checker house, spending some time at the sheep meadow, taking a look at the statue of Balto, spending some time by the lake, and the Alice in Wonderland statue!

Note – the list is just the beginning of things one can do at the Central Park. There are many more things to discover!

American Museum of natural history – “ as soon as I entered the museum I was in awe of it. It was the best museum I had ever seen”.  Apart from just looking at the museum, visitors also get attracted by the cafeteria and the gift shop! This museum is not your ordinary place to go to – It comprises of about 32 million artifacts, 25 buildings, 45 exhibition halls. “ It is impossible to see the entire Museum in just one day! One should pay a visit at least three times”

This Museum is always crowded, however, if one wants to visit it when there is a lesser crowd – visit it on a weekday during late winter or spring. admission prices: $23 for adults, $18 for seniors and students with an ID and $13 for children ages 2 to 12. 

 Rockefeller Center and top of the rock observation Deck

“ This was absolutely breathtaking. It had beautiful sculptures, a huge skating rink, and many stores and restaurants”.

Even though this place is always crowd, one should definitely visit it at least once!

“This place offers some of the very best views of Manhattan and the experience is worth every penny spent. In fact, one should book the combo tickets which includes a tour of the building and the observation deck access”

Tickets for the Top of the Rock cost $38 for adults, $36 for seniors and $32 for kids ages 6 to 12.

Best Places to Eat

No one can survive without a good meal, and if you’re looking for the best places to eat – you have reached the right destination!

Daily Provisions –  If one is looking for doughnuts, then look no further! This place has the best doughnuts ever. “ They were so yummy, I could gobble down four doughnuts in one go!” Apart from just the donuts, they also serve lunch and sandwiches.

Olmsted –  The yummy food here is best known for dinner. However, they also do very good brunches. “ I tried their maple flatbread with duck egg and duck sausage. It was heavenly” So if you’re in town then Olmsted is a must go to!

Cocoron – A casual and cute place, it serves the best Japanese food! They have the best soba in the city. “ I had the Mera Mera dip soba, and it was absolutely delicious!” This place is a must-visit.

Best way to move around the City

This city is so vast and has various options for moving around from one place to another. One can simply hop on to a bus, and save money. Other than that, one can use a subway, hire a taxi, rent a car, roam around in bicycles!

There will not be a problem in finding the best solution. New York City is full of options – so take the transport option that you feel you can best afford!

“Buses are a very easy way to travel by. Most buses are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Travelling by bus is convenient and doesn’t cost much”

Making Memories

If you want a cheap and discounted flight to New York then contact us at ibookair 1-888-898-0053. New York is a place enthused with dreams and dreamers who want to make it big and make their life worth living. This city is filled with adventure, hope, and talent. So, try making the best of this holiday with Cheap Flight Deals – and remember, click lots and lots of photographs!

“Okay, smile and say cheese!”


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