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Tokyo, as we are much aware is one of the most modernized and innovative cities in the world. Thus, paying a visit here would mean experiencing a world that is unique and experimental. Many tourists find Tokyo a perfect destination to have a vacation! So, are you planning to book your cheap flight to Tokyo? This article will guide one with where to stay, what things one should see and most importantly what to eat! Thus, do read below and be fully prepared to visit this progressive city.

The Very Basics One Should Know about Tokyo

  • Visa is not required more most of the westernized countries
  • Also, the exchange rate is $1USD = 108.67 Japanese Yen
  • The currency of Japan is Japanese Yen
  • Thus, the primary language is Japanese
  • Time is GMT+9 hours

What is the best time to visit Tokyo?

Thus, most people and tourists visit Tokyo in March and April. This is primarily because one can get to visit the cherry blossom bloom in the spring season! Nonetheless, one can also visit Tokyo during fall time. This is mainly as the pink trees take the color of red and yellow as the leaves change. Thus, if one is planning a stay in Tokyo – March and April are said to be the most beautiful time!

How to Save Money in Tokyo

Everyone is aware that Tokyo is expensive; there is no doubt about that. Thus, if you’re someone who likes to travel within a budget and is looking for ways to save money, then we may be able to suggest some little ways – these being eating local and street food, staying in hostels and not hotels, and using cheap public transportation rather than taxis and cabs.  Thus, the above are just a few ways by which one can save money!

How Much Does Tokyo Cost

  • If you’re planning to stay in a hostel then one night will cost ¥3,200 ($35 USD)
  • One night in a Hotel room will cost  ¥5,000-8,000 ($45-70 USD)
  • Also, If you’re eating street food then one will have to pay ¥850-1,280 ($8-12 USD)
  • Thus, meals in a restaurant will cost ¥1,070-3,200 ($10-30 USD)
  • Also, a subway ticket for 72 hours will cost ¥1,500 ($14 USD)

Where to Stay in Tokyo


Nonetheless, these are the cheapest option to stay in Tokyo. There are many hostels here and they are of a variety. However, we’d suggest one check out the capsule hotel as Tokyo is famous for them. One will come across a hostel of all kinds suiting the need and personality of one. One should keep in mind that the hostel prices of Tokyo are more expensive as compared to other cities.


The Hotels in Tokyo vary – one can come across hotels that are rustic to traditional to being modern. We would recommend one go for a hotel that is traditional and may have a Tatami mat room as compared to having regular bedrooms!


Hence, these are traditional Japanese hotels and are more like a bed and breakfast as compared to regular hotels. The rooms are traditional and have Tatami mat rooms. Ryokans are quite expensive to stay in but certainly worth the experience if one wants to be surmounted by authentic Japanese culture.

What Should One do in Tokyo

Eat as Much as You Can

Japan is renowned for the variety of food and hence, one has to try and eat everything possible here. One can have Japanese sushi, ramen, wagyu beef and much more! Plan one whole day to try out different foods and cuisines in Japan. One should certainly talk to the locals and find best places to eat as recommended by the locals. These local spots will be cheaper, yet the food will be authentic and top-notch.

Visit Sensoji Temple

Hence, this is a very traditional Japanese temple and one can easily visit it by train, bus or even a boat. One should keep in mind that this temple is opened from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm from April to September and it is open from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm from October to March.

Dine at a Robot Restaurant

Tokyo has many robot restaurants. Nonetheless,  children are mainly captivated by these as they are dinning and surmounted by a high tech robot dance party! The meals are unforgettable and the ambience is just the best you’d ever have a meal in.

Go to a Maid Café

These cafés are a little awkward – however, they are authentically Japanese. The weird part is that the staff does not act as waiters but rather as customer’s maids. Thus, if you’re planning to visit these café’s – you’ll be treated like masters and mistresses in your home and not as customers in a restaurant. This is very Japanese!

Make Your Best Travel Preparations to Tokyo

Thus, do follow the above guidelines and have the best and perfect vacation in Tokyo. This destination can be a little expensive and thus if you’re looking for a budgeted way to travel – one can approach iBookAir. Here one will find cheap airfares and the best deals available in the market. From Tokyo itself, one can plan trips to Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura and more. Have a wonderful trip to Tokyo!


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