Places to Visit When You are in Mexico


You’ll find that Mexico really isn’t a scary sort of place. As sometimes many of us may think of it to be. Maybe because of the movies we’ve watched with cowboys, motorcycles, revolutions, and guns in the past. The truth is that on the contrary Mexicans are some of the warmest people in the world you’ll ever meet. Eager to share with you the culture they have been brought up in. It is hard to not become friends with them instantly.

Skip Cancun and Head South Mexico

Mexico is not just about the resort towns on the Pacific and the Yucatan neck of land. For a true travel experience, we have listed down some things to do and places to visit. While you’re at it exploring one of the most amazing countries in the world. Let’s start with telling you to skip Cancun (yes it’s the popularly frequented spring-break hangout but no..Please go on) and head southward toward Costa Maya.

Costa Maya – A Bit of Everything for Mexico

Just a couple of hours south of Cancun Costa Maya is a popular destination. To visit among the tourists with its great coastal port belt. Which can accommodate massive ships, and entertain visitors with the ancient and cultural inheritance of the Mexican Caribbean. It not only has splendid pavilions. Shopping areas that are both authentically traditional and luxurious, pools of saltwater, fine-dine restaurants and much more. It consists of the world’s second-largest coral reefs and if you would like to visit the surrounding jungl.

You will find all the resources you require here. Oh! and, if diving is something you are fond of this place is a paradise for marine-life lovers. There is a favorable climate for diving all through the year! Several scuba diving clubs will assist you with this whether you are a beginner or expert Scuba diver. On the other hand, if you want to take it easy. It’s also where you can spend your days kayaking and relaxing at one of the budget-friendly hotels along the coast. So either way, we suggest you head to Costa Maya because you will love it. 

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The Old and the New

If you’re more inland, do not miss out on exploring the colonial towns such as Guanajuato. The history of which dates back to the 16th century. Here you can acquaint yourself with Mexico’s art. Don’t forget to see the historical sites which will transport you in time. There is also a mummy museum here given Mexico’s fascination with the dead! (They also celebrate the day of the dead with festivities throughout the country. With is quite an amazing visual and cultural spectacle!) 

Colonial Architecture

Then there is San Miguel de Allende, with its cobblestone streets, high-end art galleries, an abundance of restaurants. Elegant colonial mansions and courtyards concealed with big wooden doors or seeing Santiago de Queretaro. Which is only a few hours northwest of Mexico City. Here the historical center is indeed beautiful and full of life. It’s best to walk about here. It’s packed with interesting shops and you could go home with some lovely souvenirs. 


Revisit History and Culture

As charming and fun it is to visit these colonial towns of Mexico. We wouldn’t recommend missing out on the hustle and bustle of the capital! Get a further taste of the culture with a visit to Frida Kahlo’s former home. Revisit time at the inspiring antique Mesoamerican site of Teotihuacan. Rest assured, you won’t run out of options for things to do in Mexico City – as literally, nobody does!

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