Queer and a Joy Ride in America Places to Visit with Your Loved One


Places to Visit : Words like progression, advancement, growth and same-sex love surround us today. Yes, the word love is a rather broad one, which allows for gays and lesbians to be okay within their skin and with who they are.

I was 14 when I told my parents I was gay. I have had a boyfriend for three years now. Any suggestions on economical places to visit with my boyfriend in America?”

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“ I’m searching for places in America where my boyfriend and I can just chill for a couple of days. Any progressively gay-friendly places in anyone’s mind?”

Provincetown, Massachusetts

This is regard as the hub for gay and lesbian relationships to grow and bond with one another. There are no judging eyes, or people looking at you differently. “ Provincetown was so much fun, my girlfriend and I roam around freely with no judgments being pass on”, said Liza. This area is highly popular for gay weddings. 

Important note – Massachusetts was the first state to acknowledge same-sex marriage in 2004!

San Francisco, California

I visited this place with my boyfriend, and the experience was excellent. Out here every day is like Pride day with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. We absolutely loved being a part of this”, said a boy in his twenties

It is the residence of one of the late LGBT rights pioneer Harvey Milk and other people who fought for gay rights. There is absolutely no judgment and no opinions formed on same-sex love here. Everyone is accept for who they are. 

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Miami, Florida

Known for its beaches and the relaxed vibe, this place is apt for lesbians and gays to just take some time out of their usual lives and be seen as humans and not people who are queer. “ It was in Miami where the first official gay hotel was opened in 2010. Being queer is accepted and seen as something to take pride in”The parties go on till late at night, and people wake up the next morning without an aim or purpose. Best way to spend your holiday!

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Washington, DC

This area is enthuse with people belonging to political parties and members of the military. “ They may look intimidating, but honestly, everyone is okay with the idea of same-sex love and marriage

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New York, New York

People from all walks of life come here and find themselves. It is here that some discover their love for the same sex. New York is one of the most accepting and progressive cities, and it was at this location that the Stonewall riots start gay –rights movements back in 1969!

The Stonewall bar is welcoming of all kinds of people and takes pride in being different, queer or just out of the ordinary. “ One feels like home here. No questions, no answers as to who I am and who I love”

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Places to Visit

Doesn’t matter who you love, what you love – vacations are for all. However, if you’re looking for destinations that are broadminded of gay and lesbian relationships, then the above locations are the best places to make a visit.

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