A Good Way to Fly on Thanksgiving | Survival Tips


Thanksgiving is an auspicious time for many travelers. Many are looking for cheap flights at that point in time. A scenario when people aim to get together with their families, and one when the airports are stunningly crowded to another level altogether. During Thanksgiving, one will come across a large number of people at the airports and relate to being at a zoo enthused with animals. One may bump into someone they already know – yes, the thanksgiving season makes the world seem pretty small! This may feel like the most hectic time to travel. Thus, we are here to the rescue! We will elaborate on tips that will make flying on one of the busiest days painless and relaxing!

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First and foremost allow extra time

There is no denying that one needs to book earlier to avail cheap flights and best airline deals during the Thanksgiving season! Thus, to avoid the rush and being a part of this crowded madness, one should check in earlier. Hence, it is essential that one checks in as soon as its 24 hours before the flight departs.

Make sure to reach the earliest possible, and to be more than punctual on that particular day! One should also keep in mind that reaching the airport could take longer due to the traffic on the road ( you’re not the only one going to your family to celebrate Thanksgiving!)

A Good Way to Fly on Thanksgiving | Survival Tips

The airport is going to be extremely busy and thus have ample time for checking in your bags, going through the airport security and boarding.

Make sure to charge your electronics

On thanksgiving days one may find themselves spending way more time at the airport as compared to other flying situations. This implies that one will be on their phones and electronic devices for a longer time – means low battery!

One obviously can find charging outlets at the airport, but they may be situated at uncomfortable points or most likely someone else might be using these outlets. Thus, the best thing to do is charge your phone and other electronics beforehand also try carrying with yourself a portable charging device!

Keep a track on the delays and disruptions

With the aid of ibookair one can find cheap flights and special deals during this season. However! Do keep a track on the delays. Before you even head to the airport, call up your flight customer service and keep a track on your flight timings and whether it is on time. No one wants to be late on thanksgiving, and thus keep a check on the weather at the destination you are going to. In case you think there is going to be turbulence and delays – dedicate yourself to making changes beforehand and reach your family right on time!

Know your airport and airport surroundings

This is a point that especially adheres to people who haven’t flown in a while. Thus, the day before the flight does a bit of research on the airport. Study what are the best security checkpoints that are least crowded, how far the gate is from the baggage claim and the soonest way to get there. The food options nearby. Thus, by doing some research on the layout of your airport you’ll find it easy to make your travel lighter and less crowded.

Take comfort and buy yourself an Airline Lounge Pass

Thanksgiving season means being at an airport which feels like a zoo. There is absolutely nowhere to sit or even stand, one is just stranded among a group of people. Thus, rather than relaxing in an uncomfortable position – go purchase an airline lounge pass! Even though one will find ample crowd here as well, the lounge is a comparatively calmer and more relaxing!

At the lounge, one can just relax and have some snacks and drinks. Hence, if you’re traveling at the peak season, pamper yourself by buying an Airline Lounge Pass.

Keep in mind the above survival tips | Happy Thanksgiving!

Thus, who said Thanksgiving is a hectic season to fly? With the help of the above pointers, one can make their air travel easier and not feel stranded in a zoo. Book cheap flights and special airline deals to meet your loved ones and family only through ibookair. Call – 1-888-898-0053.

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A Good Way to Fly on Thanksgiving | Survival Tips


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