Best Way to Celebrate Halloween | 2019


Halloween is the renowned festival and occasion where people wear costumes to ward off ghosts! Thus, many are under the impression that Halloween is celebrated only by little children, but to be honest this is a celebration where even adults take crucial part in! Thus, book your cheap airline tickets and be prepare to fly. Everyone starts to prepare for this eerie celebration from September itself.  So, astounded by the variety of ideas –

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Thus, looking for the perfect way to celebrate this Halloween? One can visit Salem during this Halloween season! This is the perfect place due the history it holds – It was in Salem that twenty-six people were put to death as they were considered witches! Thus, if you do plan to visit this spooky area, guides will take you to the most haunted and ghostly spots. If you do decide to go to Salem this year – make sure to make a visit to the Witch House Museum. Nonetheless, this museum was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin – one of the judges in the trials of the witches

Thus, this Halloween, book your Cheap Airline Tickets and come celebrate with magic shows, witch balls, fireworks and many other spooky events in Salem! There are also many accommodation options here, so everyone will have a place to stay.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Therefore, this area celebrates the legendary headless horseman! Thus, if you really want your Halloween to be spooky this year – Sleepy Hallow it is.  Take your children and yourself to the Phillips-burg Manor. Thus, here one will witness people dressed as vampires, witches, ghosts and there will be special lights to enhance the experience.

Thus, a family can also take a tour of Lyndhurst Castle. Here the guides will take the family to meet the spirits of Mummy, Frankenstein and the Phantom of Opera! Sleepy Hallow celebrates various other spooky activities and one has to visit the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery!

However, one cannot miss the mesmerizing live reenactment of the story of Washington Irving’s home and the captivating theatrical experience! Book your cheap airline tickets this Halloween and be surrounded by thrill and excitement!

Long Beach, California, USA

Thus, those living for the real spook and scare – they have to visit the haunted house at the Dark Harbor at Queen Mary. Honestly, this is regarded as one of the coolest places to celebrate Halloween! Dark Harbor commences October 1st and is opened through the whole month. If one does plan to come here – they’ll be enthralled by various terrifying experiences. This ship holds rides, monster shows, and food and beverages! However – we would suggest you to not take along young children as they may get very scare.

Hence, one can witness here experiences like six haunted mazes, hidden bars, live entertainment and also the likelihood to sleep on the haunted ship!

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Also, New Orleans is the very best place to celebrate Halloween! The celebrations are not just limited to the Mardi Gras in February.  This very city is known for voodoo and also known for the best haunted and paranormal tours. Hence, no better Halloween experience than in this very city. This city is also considered the most haunted region in the United States.

So, if you do decide to give this city a visit – please do go to Frenchmen Street. Here one will come across the biggest Halloween parties where tourists and locals dress up spooky and roam the streets together!

Therefore, this event is enhanced by the haunted houses, activities at the zoo, an annual Halloween Parade, and Voodoo Music. Get ready to be spooked in New Orleans and purchase your cheap airline tickets today!

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, California

Nevertheless, If one desires a unique Halloween experience this year then one should pay a visit to the west Hollywood Halloween Carnival in California! There are thousands of people, dressed for the occasion and are part of the parade on the streets. Thus, bring yourself and your family to enjoy shows, fireworks, and food vendors through the night! It is feasible to book your cheap airline tickets and the hotel rooms before the festival starts as many people urge to come here and be a part of the Halloween Carnival.

Halloween | 2019

Hence, go ahead, wear your best costume and ask for trick or treat. Let this Halloween be not only about your children but you as well. Let’s take part and explore the dark side together, hand in hand. Thus, If one wants to book cheap airline tickets – they can always contact iBookAir at 1-888-898-0053


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