Things You Should Avoid Doing on an Airplane


The very first thing and crucial things an individual seeks while taking on a journey is cheap air tickets and cheap airfare. With the help and aid of iBookair travel is made simple, easy and for everyone. We are a platform that wants travel to be economical and for people from all walks of life. So, you have tied up with best flight deals and are ready to go! What next? Learn and stop yourself from doing certain annoying things on the flight and adapt the word considerate in your dictionary. With vast experience in traveling, we can easily point out the do’s and the don’t’s in a flight.

Be Patient While Boarding

One should learn to be patient and not push their way through – especially while boarding! Every airline has a systematic way of boarding and priorities are set. However, if you’re that person who does not follow the rules and feel are beyond them – then please hesitate before raging like a bull and causing a stampede at the airport.

Don’t Hog all the Space in the Overhead Bin

We are aware that every passenger can carry one carry on bag and one personal item. However, this does not imply that one takes all the luggage space. Yes, you are flying with cheap airline tickets – that does not allow one to not have any consideration and manners. Be thoughtful that others have to also use the overhead bin. Laptop bags can just be placed under the seat in front of you.

Think Before You Recline

You’re over with your meal and think it’s okay to recline as much as you can! This is not the way to go – especially when the passenger behind you might still be eating his meal. Thus, if you do feel like reclining, take into account what the guy behind you is doing. Hence, being considerate is the most important trait of a traveler.

Be the Loudmouth of the Plane

Yes, your dreams have come true as you have availed cheap airline tickets. However, this does not mean you act like a hooligan on the flight. It is highly annoying if you are that person who does not have volume control and is shouting across one seat to another to talk to your friends. Thus, don’t shout – the best thing to do would be to go to your friend’s seat and talk to them like fine human beings.

Don’t Carry Food that Stinks

Having to fly with cheap airline tickets, means that you should carry your own meals and not depend on the flight to serve any. However, one can always carry some burgers and pasta that do not leave a pungent smell. Thus, make sure to carry food that doesn’t have a strong smell and leave others on the airplane uncomfortable.

Don’t Spread Germs

We empathize with you if you have a cold and need to sneeze again and again. However, one should take into consideration the other passengers, and thus should sneeze into the bend of your arm and carry some wipes and hand sanitizers. This will help from spreading the germs! If you sneeze openly, the guy sitting next to you will only get upset and worried about germs spreading to him.

Don’t Take Too Much Time in the Toilet

There are many people who are in dire need to use the washroom. Thus, don’t be that person who ends up spending a lot of time in the loo and leads people to wait in a long line. Trust me, everyone is going to be hating you when they see you come out of the washroom. Thus, be quick – don’t take a magazine with you, start playing games on the phone, or keep checking yourself out in the mirror. Do your business fast so that others can as well!

Fly with iBookair

Thus, one should keep in mind that the word considerate is highly essential while traveling in an airplane. If one wants to avail cheap airline tickets, best flight deals, and cheap airfare then look no further and contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053. We wish you a happy and wonderful journey.

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