Follow These Things and Be The Productive Business Travelers


Most meeting these days, are conducted online. But the Truth is that some meetings are better conducted online. Those who travel, knows that business waits for no one. If things are not done properly like Flight Reservation, Car/Bike rental or Hotel Booking, it might distract you from your in-person meeting and unable to respond your important or urgent task. And you don’t want that to happen while you are travelling or a “Business Travelers“.

A Business Travelling takes a different strategy as per your leisure and reimbursement requirement. I got to talk with many Executives who were travelling for Business Meetings and from them I got a chance to talk and cover various things with them.

Booking Flight

One of the most common tips is that booking flight is a science. With a budget and your booking, you need to learn a lot. As per research, its best to book a flight 50-60 Days Prior. Always Clear Your cookies while visiting the websites. Set up a calendar reminder or alarm around this time frame. Try for flight in mid-week.

Search for 2-way fare, for all airlines. Try to get at least one ticket for Tuesday or Wednesday as these are the most economical days.

Business Travelers

Many Travelers prefer for Red-Eye Flights  when possible to provide maximum time with the client and meetings or to avoid staying in a hotel for another night.

Make Things Speedy at Airport

Clearly you don’t need to make TSA Pre-Check every time and wait in long security line while you are a regular traveler.  While for Business Travelers, You can even get a corporate discount with “Clear” for TSA Pre and Global Entry.

Take a Taxi service to the airport and avoid parking charges and avoid time waiting for shuttles and trains to take you to the car. Call Taxi service as soon as the flight is about to land at the airport if you didn’t check a bag.

Avoid taking checking bags if its possible. It takes up your significant time as you have to come an hour before and wait at the departure to get your bag. Wear slip-on shoes to avoid having lace and unlace at your shoes security.

Compact and Smart Bag Packing for Business Travelers

Bussiness Packing is different than Holiday or Leisure Packing.

  • Keep are regularly used toiletries bag that stays in carry bag. Keep the Bag stocked. But what is most important is that it stays in my carry on and I always have what I need without having to think about it.
  • Often a second shirt with same trouser or skirt will work fine for a another Day Trip.
  • One pair of shoes is usually sufficient. If not, wear the bulkiest one while on plane.

Work on Plane (or the Road)

  • Get the Wi-Fi Service. Most cases, it will get reimburse through business expense. Make a plane for your work. It may not be the time for meetings or calls, but to get over spreadsheets and presentations for the meeting. Make Sure to have a public space, to get privacy filter so your work never get exposed.
  • Make sure your Laptop and Cell Phone are fully charged.
  • Download all important document and emails before getting on plane.
  • Get noise canceling headphones, to better focus on work.
  • Watch your drink.
  • If you are renting for vehicle or driving at your destination, make sure to get hands free.
Business Travelers

Make The Best Of Your Hotel

  • Book a double bed. Make your cloths and meeting stuff ready for next day on the other side.
  • Always ask the front desk for bottle of water.
  • Go for E-check in and out for more effectiveness.
  • Take you luggage with you if you do not have time to return to hotel after your meetings to take your flight.
  • Go for Hotel Reward Program, it will help you save money and help you get more comfortable like home from the tie-up brands.
Business Travelers

Traveling for work is itself a rewarding and effective for business. Make sure to get enough sleep and make sure you get the enough time to eat and present your best self at your meetup and return office ready to go. For Flight Booking, You can give iBookAir a Try..!!


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