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California is a top-notch and extremely popular destination to visit. Thus, here one will be immersed in beaches and a vast variety of culture and people. Hence, if one is seeking cheap airline deals and the best flight tickets to California – Contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053 and see your budgeted travels come true!

So, before you aim to book cheap airline tickets to California, let us unearth some interesting facts about this particular state

It is the Most Populated State in the US

Thus, apart from availing cheap airline tickets to this state, one should be aware that it is the most populated area. If one needs to know the actual numbers then about 39. 5 million people stay here. California is also popularly known as the Golden State. This state is occupied by 1 in 8 Americans

California Has the Fifth Largest Economy in the World

Also, California is regarded as the largest economy in the US. Thus, there is no doubt that if this was a separate country then the economy may also go beyond that of the United Kingdom. However, if we compare all the economies then California has the fifth largest in the world! Thus, book your cheap airline tickets to California now!

This State Takes Care of Homeless People

This state takes care of people who are in dire need and don’t have a place to stay. Thus, they have worked upon setting up many camps and tents around the desired cities. One cannot really say what the exact number is, but the government estimate that there are more than 130,000 homeless people, and around 55,000 of them live in LA

California is Home to Hollywood

Thus, it is in California that most of the movies are produced. We all know that the walk of fame and the Hollywood sign are the most popular spots in Hollywood. Thus, California no doubt is the Mecca and highest point of movie productions!

Very Famous for its Wine

Most of us have already heard of Napa Valley. This is the very famous Californian wine region. However, this is just one of the wine yards. There are many others and the Napa valley only produces 4% of the total wine.

Thus, in total there are 480,000 acres of vineyards and the famous Golden State is the producer of 90% of all American wine production! Thus, to drink their wine and find cheap airline tickets to California contact iBookair now!

Death Valley is considered the hottest and driest place in America

Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that Death Valley has recorded the highest temperature on July 10, 1913, and a melting temperature of 134 F. The average rainfall is also less than 2 inches thus making this the driest region in North America.

It is home to the Giant Sequoia

California is the home Sequoia – this is the largest living organism on earth and is considered the world’s most massive tree. This tree lives for around 1800-2700 years! Thus, California is home to various old trees.

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