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San Francisco is an ideal place to visit and if one is in dire need to find the best airline deals and cheap airfare to this very destination they can contact iBookair at 1-888-898-0053. Hence, one can now imagine their trip to San Francisco within a budget and being economical. Nevertheless, one describes this city as a magic land where people are immersed in culture, art, films and other cultural activities.

Nevertheless, you’ve arranged cheap flight tickets and are now on a lookout for the things you should do in San Francisco. Hence, continue reading to discover how to fulfill your adventure here!

Things To Do In San Francisco

Thus, you have availed cheap flight tickets to San Francisco and are now wondering what things one should do. Also, we are going to lay down various pointers that will aid in making your journey memorable!

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Nevertheless, opened in 1937 and it was termed as the longest suspension bridge that was ever created. Many people visit this bridge and click plenty of pictures here. Thus,  before this bridge was created, people had to take a ferry between the two places. If you’re visiting San Francisco you have to take a look at this bridge.

Go to the waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf has the most famous waterfront community. This area provides not only delicious food but also an excellent dining experience. Nevertheless, there are also outdoor food joints here which sell Dungeness crab and fresh fish. Also, from this very point, one can also arrange to go on many tours of the area. Thus, avail cheap flight tickets and make a tour of this place.

Alcatraz Island

Hence, this island is situated 1.5 miles off the shore of San Francisco. This was mainly constructed for military reasons. The most important building was the federal prison. Nevertheless, the main reason behind this prison was that those prisoners who ended up causing trouble in other prisons would be locked here. Also, this island is now a popular tourist attraction where many people come to see the prison!

Spend Ample Time at The Union Square

Hence, this is just the beginning. One should go to Union Square and visit the many high-end retail outlets, fancy and elite hotels, quirky cafes, the much-crowded art galleries, and the very exciting nightlife! Union Square is always busy and has something or the other going on. Also, If one wants to party with the locals, this is the place to be!

Go To The Aquarium of Bay

This aquarium is placed at the waterfront of San Francisco. Out here one comes to face with the marine life. The aquarium aims to protect the bay and the animals that stay at bay. Thus, once inside the aquarium, a person will witness 300 feet of clear tunnels that are enthused with 700,000 gallons of water. Also, here one may get to see the leopard shark and jellyfish! Get cheap flight tickets to San Franciso and roam this area.

Explore Modern Art

Nevertheless, here one should witness modern art. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the absolute first exhibition hall to show and feature present-day craftsmanship. Hence, today, one will find more than 29,000 pieces of work – these include paintings, sculptures, photographs, and architecture.

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