Traveling in USA With Your Dog ? Here’s Our List Of Dog-Friendly Hotels


For many individuals and families, a vacation without their dog is not a vacation worthwhile. Today, there is absolutely no denying that people consider their dogs as their little babies. The love is unconditional and thus, to travel without a pet means to not have a fruitful journey. So, book your cheap flight and take our advice on the various pet-friendly or to be straight, Dog Friendly Hotels in the US.

Soho Grand Hotel, New York

Thus, this hotel is enthused with luxury for your dog. Here the dog is pampered like its owner and there is absolutely no discrimination between pets and human beings. Hence, there are a vast number of amenities that are provided to the dog. Some of these being organic dog treats, comfortable bedding, massive food and water bowls, and doggy bags!. Not only this, dogs have a private dog park for them to walk around in!

Hotel Azure,  Lake Tahoe,  CA

Also, this is another dog-friendly hotel that is pretty renowned for its services. The best part is that this particular hotel is very close to grassy areas – hence allowing one’s dog and the owner to roam in big spaces freely and enjoy their green time. One can arrange a room with a Lakeview – this will mesmerize the owner and the pet! So, bring your dog to this beautiful destination!

Hayes Street Hotel, Nashville, TN

This hotel is popularly known as the Music City Hotel. The amenities foe the dogs are uncountable and include many treats. However, food and goodies are not the only things – dogs get to roam around in big green spaces. Also, we know that Nashville is known for its music and bachelorette parties but one will find her innumerable trails, parks and green areas for the pet and the owner to enjoy.

Salamander Resort and Spa, Middleburg, Virginia

Hence, this is an extremely dog-friendly hotel in Virginia. Apart from providing many benefits to its human guests, this hotel and resort is a nice place for your dogs to take rest. The amenities include food and water bowls, organic dog treats, a comfortable bed for your dog and also toys for them to play with! The very thrilling part about this resort is that one’s dog can enjoy something called “Yappy Hour” – which will provide one with drinks, snacks and many dog treats!

Hotel Rose, Downtown, Portland

This hotel is not only dog and pet-friendly but also termed as dog-obsessed. As soon as your dog steps foot into Hotel Rose – they are handed over welcome baggies (containing delicious cookies). Thus, this is a resort comfortable not only for the human being but also the dog pet. There is also a massive trail and walking area for one’s dog to run around and enjoy.

Thus, fly down to Hotel rose with your dog!

Dog Friendly Hotels

Calistoga Ranch, California

Nonetheless, This is regarded as one of the most pet-friendly resorts in the US. The dogs can enjoy an exquisite custom bed pet, pet room service menus and a very close and attentive treatment. The resort is clean and takes good care of not only the owners but their dogs as well. One can also go for walks and hikes with their pets! The dog is given many amenities such as goodie bags and pet tags!

Vacation With Your Dog | USA

Thus, today individuals can carry with them their loved dogs. One can travel the world with their pets and experience new life ventures with them. Who said vacationing with your dog was impossible? Well, certainly not us! Hence, if one is looking to find good deals– you can always contact iBookair. This platform provides the best deals and discounted offers that are available. We wish you a pet-friendly vacation!


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