How To Travel Safe All Times With iBookAir


So thanks to iBookair you have availed cheap airline tickets and best flight deals, and now all that you can think of is how to travel safely at all times. We at iBookair are an extremely youthful platform that wants all travel dreams to take form. However, once you have booked your cheap airfare through us – it is up to you as to how you want to keep yourself safe and not be under the umbrella of danger. Thus, we are going to shine a light on such instances.

Do Thorough Research on Your Destination

We may sound unprogressive, but if you are a woman and are planning to travel by yourself then it is compulsory to do a lot of research on your destination. One should plan a safe place to stay, a good locality and not get surrounded by thugs and thieves who catch you and take all your money away! Thus, it is essential ( especially for solo women travellers) to do their research and know about the destination they are going to visit

Try using public transport at safe Hours

There are many times when one should keep track of public transport. If you are a solo woman traveller then we’d recommend one to not travel to late by buses and subways. Also, we would recommend one to travel by shared cabs and not alone as they might not know the location and the cab guy can take them for a ride!

Always Carry Extra Cash and Cards With You

As mentioned earlier you may have availed cheap airline deals with iBookair but it’s you who has to take care of yourself. Try not exploring dim light areas at night, as one can get easily robbed and there will be no one to save you. Thus, if you do get robbed or lose your money make sure to always carry hidden extra cash along with you with some debit cards as well. This way you’ll be safe even though someone steals your things!

Carry Photocopies of Your Documents

To travel safe and have no hassles later, it is a must to carry photocopies of all your important documents. Thus, in case one loses their essentials like passports, and ID – you will always have a duplicate by your side and will have nothing to worry about!

Keep Your Family Updated at All Times

It’s very essential to talk to your family every day and keep them in the loop as to your whereabouts. This is important as if you suddenly fall off the contact zone they can always know where you were last and what you were up to. Thus, keeping your families aware is the most essential way of keeping yourself safe at all times. So, you’ve booked your Ticket with iBookair – however, remember to keep yourself safe at all times!

Try Not Attracting Attention

The very best way of keeping yourself safe is by not attracting attention to yourself. Thus try keeping a low profile (especially if you’re a solo woman traveler). If you try to attract more crowd towards yourself, the more you will be seen as a tourist and you’d be seen as very vulnerable. A tourist who can easily be cheated and made a fool of. Thus blend it and not stand out!

Travel With iBookair

Hence, with the aid of iBookair one can book cheap airline deals and fly the world within a budget. However, keeping yourself safe and sound is your responsibility and something we can’t really help you with. However, we do hope the above points come to use and make your travels simpler and easier.


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