How to Travel with Your Infant on Airlines


Infant Policy : The vacation is absolutely not fulfilling without one’s infant. Thus, we are going to shine a light on the infant policy of various airlines. Imagine a vacation where the baby isn’t there in your pictures. Above all, throughout the holiday all you’re thinking about is whether your baby is okay. That’s a vacation enthused with stress and hassle.

Traveling with an infant can be quite complicated. It can be a complicated process, and hence many people have various questions regarding travel with your child. Some of the popular ones being:

I am traveling with my two years old. Does he need a ticket? Everything about Infant Policy.

This is one of the top questions asked regarding travel with your infant. If the child is below 2 years of age, then a plane ticket does not need to be purchased. The child can sit on the lap of the guardian. However, airlines should be informed in advance.

But, if one is doing an airline trip along with an infant above two years – a ticket will have to be purchased. Some airlines require you to to purchase a full fare for children over two, while some airlines provide discounted rates for children over two for infant policy.

Can a baby fly free in International travels?

When it comes to International Travel, the infant (even below two years of age) does not necessarily travel free on the passenger’s lap. One has to compulsory pay 10% of the adult fare plus taxes and fees ( even if the child is sitting on the guardian’s lap).

To know more about infant policies on International flights contact ibookair at 1-888-898-0053.

How old should my baby be to fly?

This differs from airline to airline. For example, American Airlines allows babies to fly when they are just two years old. Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, makes it compulsory for the baby to be at least 14 days old. If in any doubt regarding the airline and baby’s age – call ibookair.

What all baby equipment can be checked-in and can be taken as carrying on?

This will yet again differ from airline to airline.  In United Airlines one can carry items in addition to the baggage that is maximum. Things included are basic such as diapers, formula milk, and breast pump.

However, JetBlue has a different policy. Infants on the guardian’s lap are not required to pay a fare. Even then, the parents are allowed to carry a diaper bag, stroller, and a car seat

At the end of it, every airline has its own restrictions and allowances for infants and children aged two and older.

Some important tips to travel with your baby

Buy your baby his own ticket

Even though the child can be seated on the lap, it is best to save yourself the uncomfortable tour and just get your child his own ticket. Having a baby on your lap throughout the flight can get highly uncomfortable and irritating. Thus a small piece of advice – spare some cash and get your baby his own seat to sit on!

Do pack extra baby supplies

It is very vital and important to carry extra baby supplies. This includes lots and lots of diapers, formula milk,  and other things that are needed. This will be extremely helpful if your flight gets delayed or even canceled. Make sure to always carry extra!

Try and carry ear protection for your baby

The pressure change is very likely to cause an earache for the baby. Thus, to make the baby’s journey less painful one should carry earplugs that are designed for your infant’s ears. Apart from just this, one can also carry along ear drops prescribed by the pediatrician.  Thus, it is important to take care of your child’s needs.

Rent baby equipment at the airport

To make travel easier and stress-free, one can just rent baby equipment from the airport. These include cribs, car seats, and high chairs. There is no need to carry all this from home! Plus by renting the equipment one also saves on baggage fees! Thus, traveling with your infant doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The above points and rules should be adhered to. However, in case of any query or problem, one can call ibookair at 1-888-898-0053. We hope your holiday with your baby is one to remember and a memorable one! Do click many pictures!


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