Places to Stay in Istanbul


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A Short Overview of Istanbul

Hence, being one of the most popular cities in Turkey, this place is crowded with tourists who want a different perspective on the world. The architectural beauty astounds most tourists and is highly captivating. Thus, a beautiful place to visit.

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Best Places to Stay in Istanbul

If one is in the Sultanahmet area, then there are many places where one could put up. The city’s most famous buildings are at Sultanahmet. Here one will find the most popular Blue Mosque.

  1. Green Life Apart Hotel

This is meant to be a nice and cozy room. Thus, here one will feel like home. However, the only thing is that one would not get a sea view. But there is a very cute kitchen inside the apartment. Many people have termed this hotel as being exceptional “ This is a good place and there are amazing people here! The owner is also very nice. The best part is that this hotel is close to the Blue Mosque and the metro!”

  1. Hotel Seraglio

The prices are middle range and worth every penny. This place provides one with the best services. The breakfast is included, and it’s just some minutes walk away from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia! Thus, this makes one stay a rather memorable one.

  • Ada Hotel

 This is a wonderful hotel and very close to the Blue Mosque again. This is the perfect place to be if one wants a good view of the Marmara Sea. “ The breakfast was just delicious and the staff wonderful! We highly recommend this boutique hotel”

Hence, if one is in the Beyoglu area, then there are some options as well. This is a very wonderful district on the European side of Istanbul. It is separated from the old city by the Golden Horn.

  1. Gallata Melling

This area is absolutely close to everything around and a plus point there is a kitchen in the room! Thus, this allows one to cook their own meals and save some money. Also allows one to eat healthily!

  1. Next House Pera Hotel

Here one will seek nice and cozy rooms. However, the location is such that it can get a little noisy at night, thus causing trouble to sleep. Nevertheless, even though one is in the heart of the city, and a hearty breakfast is included

  • Georges Hotel Galata

The Galata Tower will be right next to where you stay! The breakfast is included and so is the bar service and restaurant. However, one should know that this is one of the busiest areas of Istanbul. “ The staff was wonderful, it was a great location. Everyone was very helpful and made our stay enjoyable. The best part was that the rooms were large and the view was just beautiful”

Thus, the best places to stay when you’re in the Taksim area of Istanbul. This place has a busy nightlife, shopping and dining area. Here one will find entertaining things like movie theatres and cafes! Here, one will find bars, antique shops, and beautiful views

  1. Dreamers B&B

Hence, Taksim doesn’t really allow for cheap accommodation. However, this is a nice break and breakfast where one can enjoy the area without paying too much!

  1.  Rooms Inn Taxim

This is a very good location, highly friendly and is also extremely close to Taksim Square and Istiklal Street. “ It was an easily reachable location and it was worth every penny spent. The staff was very friendly and I couldn’t help but pay them good tip”

  • Nuru Ziya Suites

This area provides a great view! Also, good news the room has a coffee machine. However, this is comparatively a little expensive and if one is looking to splurge then this may be the right place! So, this place is the best to make your trip memorable!

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Thus, Istanbul is a beautiful place where one can find expensive and cheap accommodation. It all depends on how much one would want to spend. While some are seeking economical vacations, there are others who are willing to splurge and live in style and luxury

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places to stay in Istanbul

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