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It is nevertheless one of the most top-notch destinations to pay a visit. This is the city of dreamers, of people who want to pursue their passion and make an occupation out of it. Thus, if one wants to avail best airline tickets, good flight deals, cheap airline tickets and cheap airfare to New York – Contact ibookair at 1-888-898—0053

A Short Overview of New York

Thus, this city of dreamers has a lot to see and dream about. Its core area is Manhattan. This place is a major hub for commercial, financial and cultural centers. It’s also known not only for its greenery but also architectural surrounding like the Empire State Building. Hence, one can also witness the Broadway theatre here and enhance themselves culturally! Find the best places to stay in NewYork.

Best Places to Stay in New York

Of course, the places to stay differ in terms of what the person is looking for. To book a cheap airline ticket, good flight deals, and cheap airfares to New York – Contact ibookair

Meatpacking District

Also, here one will find many late night clubs, wine bars, and popular fashion designers! This place is enthused with renowned designers boutiques like Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang. Thus, since 1990 Chelsea has been the hub of New York City’s art scene and culture. There is also an abundant number of galleries here!

Of course, one can stay at the Gansevoort Meatpacking where the rooms are fashionable and have extremely stylish and luxurious rooftop pools and bars. Hence, a definite area to look at. Find the Best places to stay in NewYork

Harlem is the place

This place is popular for the famous black community in America. Here one will be delved into the African-American culture. Also, one can foresee a vibrant street life, delicious west African and soul food restaurants. Nevertheless, this place also has a brilliant jazz scene and culture!

Nevertheless, the best guesthouse here is called Soul Food. This is situated right across from Marcus Garvey Park. One can experience here a shared kitchen with a nice bakery and goodies!

One can also stay at an apartment here called The Harlem Pearl. These date back to 1910 and are small and beautiful to live in. Nevertheless, this is a zone providing a mix of culture and entertainment.

Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Renowned for hipsters, this area has many coffee shops, boutiques and even bars! Bedford Avenue is quite popular here. Here one can find anything from the taproom at the Brooklyn Brewery to the Pete’s Candy Store. Thus, an area of lounges and bars – Brooklyn is the place to be.

One should stay at The William Vale. It is a posh boutique known for its unique and wacky architecture, a marvelous rooftop and a brilliant view of Manhattan!

Nevertheless, Brooklyn also has the best pool scene at the McCarren Hotel and Pool. It’s a quirky hotel with an outdoor pool and best party scenes!

For Old Fashioned Luxury: Upper East Side

This area has been home to many dynasties like the Rockefellers, Whitney’s and Astors since the early 1890s. This area is shown in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and the City and even Gossip Girl. Here one will find the poshest and elegant cafes

Thus, If one is looking for graceful and sophisticated places to stay then The Sherry-Netherland is the best place to be. It is modeled after the Vatican Library.

Midtown Manhattan

It is here that most of the city’s accommodation is located. It is walking distance from key areas like Times Square, MoMA, and Central Park. Here one will find plenty of tourists, thus can get a little over-crowded

Hotel Central Park is an eco-friendly place to stay. It has a three-storey living wall and contains rustic furniture that looks chic. This area is enthused with organic ornaments and thus it is labeled as eco-friendly

Best Value for Money: Long Island City

Here one can find the best flea markets and Silvercup studios! There is a Q4 hostel which has clean and neat rooms. This hostel also contains a shared kitchen and is pretty cheap in terms of expenditure. Thus, this area is meant for people who don’t want to spend too much money, yet have a unique and marvelous experience! Find the Best places to stay in NewYork.

Lower East Side

Thus, if one is looking to party and enjoy their night scene then the Lower East Side is the place to be. It is known for its multiculturalism. This place is enthused with the city’s best vintage clothing store, classic restaurants and bars and pubs for drinking, dancing and even listening to live bands performances!

In case one wants to stay here, they can do so at The Ludlow. This place has remarkable terraces, silk rugs and tables made out of white marbles and chandeliers made of brass. Find the Best places to stay in NewYork.

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