Places to visit in Dallas


1. The Sixth Floor Museum :

Places to visit in Dallas: This museum is dedicated to the nation’s most tragic and defining moments. Museum first introduced to the historical context of the political climate of the 1960s and hence then President Kennedy’s trip in November of 1963.

2. Botanical and Arboretum Garden

Places to visit in Dallas

The Botanical and Arboretum garden sits on 66 acres along the shore of White Rock Lake. Here you see ornamental shrubs, plant collections, trees, and seasonal flowers. The garden host concerts, seasonal outdoor festivals, art shows, educational programs and guided tours of the property.

3. World Aquarium: Places to visit in Dallas

Thus World Aquarium is a place for both young and old ones. You can see jellyfish, giant groupers, bonnethead sharks, sea turtle, stingrays, and rare leafy seadragons.

4. Zoo: Places to visit in Dallas

Dallas Zoo is a home of 2,000 wild animals, from 406 species with different habitats of the world. Dallas Zoo is a 106-acre park. This zoo was established in 1888, which makes it one of the oldest zoos in the United State.  Dallas Zoo focusing on two major region- the Wilds of Africa and ZooNorth. The Wilds of Africa region consists of animals from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

5.  White Reek Lake: Places to visit in Dallas

Want to see the beautiful sunset with the Dallas skyline as a backdrop visit White Reek Lake. The lake has a nine-mile loop

6. Cattle Drive Sculptures:

Places to visit in Dallas

This park is definitely for the kids. The sculptures are dotted around Pioneer Plaza, it’s the largest public park of Dallas and a very popular tourist site. 
The brainchild behind this park came from Trammell Crow, a real estate developer.  If you visit this park you will see realistic statues and sculptures of large longhorn cattle, horseback roping cowboys and trail drivers.

7. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Places to visit in Dallas

Want a fun dinner with your family, exciting jousting matches, skilled horse-riding competitions and fascinating falconry visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

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