Various Seats and Classes of Different Airlines in the US


Today, airlines are catering to all kinds of people. There are various seats and classes to avail. Travel has become not only for one but all. How is this possible you ask? This is due to the introduction of a variety of classes and the prices associated with it. Thus, one can travel economically or splurge (However which way one would like to travel)

The popular seats and classes

Many airlines basically have four types of classes. These being Economy Class, Premium Economy, First Class, and Business Class. Let us elaborate on the various classes and the perks they come with.

Economy Class

One can call this class as a coach, standard, main cabin or even cattle class. This class costs the least and are for people who are not willing to splurge so much in their travels. Here one will find extremely narrow seats that range from 16 inches to just over 19 inches wide. The legroom is also pretty small and ranges from 30 to 34 inches.

Popular airlines like JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines (Economy Class) cater to customers with some free munchies, nice drinks, and in-flight entertainment

Premium Economy

It was Virgin Atlantic that adopted the concept of Premium Economy in 1992. Taking Virgin Atlantic as an example many other airlines started following the same concept. Flights belonging to North America are found to have Premium Economy. Premium Economy is slightly more comfortable than the bland Economy Class due to wider seats and more legroom at a lesser price than the Business or First Class.

Premium Economy allows for seats to be at the front of an aircraft.  There is no denying that on international flights the Premium Economy may be similar to the Economy Class. The only difference is that the Premium Economy allows for perks. These include delicious free food, a better baggage allowance, also an amenity kit

Premium Economy in some North American Flights

American Airlines

The main cabin extra offers seats which provide more legroom at the front of the plane. This starts from $20

Delta Airlines

This is the best as it provides for 4 extra inches of legroom, a spacious overhead bin space and also provides priority boarding. Thus, Premium Economy with Delta is much more comfortable than the basic Economy.

Hawaiian Airlines

The extra comfort seating is available only on the Airbus A330. It provides a 36-inch seat pitch, allows priority boarding at the gate, flight entertainment and also a personal power outlet

Business Class

The various seats and classes also comprise of Business Classes on airlines. This is the class that lies in the middle of the coach and first-class. Introduced mainly by Qantas. Business Class is completely different from the Economy Class and the quality is so high, that some passengers have replaced first class with a business class or have combined the privileges of Business Class with the luxuries of First Class – forming the BusinessFirst.

Business-class provides for wider seats that recline back, a full meal service, in-flight entertainment, and an amenity kit.

First Class

First-class is the most luxurious class. There is nothing above this very class. First Class ranges from airline to airline. In terms of JetBlue’s Mint, the business Class provides a 6 foot, 8 inches lie-flat seat whose firmness can be adjusted and also has a massage feature. One can also avail privacy, various in-flight entertainment, and delicious meals!

At Etihad the First Class is unbelievable! Here one can gather a 3 room suite with a living room, bedroom with a double bed and most of all a private bathroom with a shower!

First Class is placed in the highest order, and no other class can go above it or provide more comfort than this class.

Let us elaborate on what are fare classes

Each class ( Economy, Premium, Business and First) is then further distinguished into fare classes. This appears as a particular letter on the ticket. Each seat is devoted to a fare class which then comes along with its own set of rules and price

For example, F is first class, C and J are usually Business Class and Y is seen as Economy. These letters further disclose personal information like the ticket cost, the airline miles one will get for the flight, and also the very flexible to change your reservation. Many Travel agents keep a track on fare classes

Fare Classes vary from airline to airline. Thus, one should confirm with the airline itself what the letter means. For example, F is higher than J. This Herieachy actually comes to use when one is looking to upgrade their flight.

Each and every ticket also comprises of a fare basis code. This code varies from 3-8 characters. These codes help explain the season, how many days in advance the ticket should be purchased, the maximum stay requirements, whether the fare is only for one way or a round trip.

Travel is for everyone – be it economical travel or traveling in style! Thus, one can avail and purchase any type of tickets they require. Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class or the very luxurious First Class. Every airline has various seats and classes making travel for not just one, but for all. So Thus, who said travel was only for the rich?

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